In a crowded and noisy marketplace, a UL Mark helps you stand out from your competitors.

This site will guide you on how to accurately promote your UL Mark at CES 2019 and beyond.

Ask a question, get advice or share an example of your promotions leveraging a UL Mark.


Please keep these key points in mind:

  • Any UL Mark used in advertising, promotion or packaging must be consistent with the UL certification or UL Verification Mark that your product has earned.
  • Always use the correct UL Mark artwork in your promotions.
  • If some products or systems featured in your promotions have earned a UL Mark but others have not, you must ensure the wording and placement of UL references make it clear what has been certified or verified by UL and what has not.

Showcasing your UL Marks at CES 2019 is easy to do. Let us help you!

Letting others in your industry know that your product has earned a UL Mark gives you an advantage over competitors. Display the UL Mark adjacent to images of your product to demonstrate that your products are the better choice.

Sharing the news about your product’s UL Mark through your public relations helps build buzz and create excitement about your product. Make sure that you’re accurate in using the UL Mark in your press releases, and in describing your UL certification or verification.

Leveraging your relationship with UL during CES is easy. For announcements related to your UL Mark, mention @ULdialogue on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

We actively acknowledge mentions in real time and respond to questions and comments, provided they are relevant to our business, polite and do not represent a breach of confidentiality or a conflict of interest with other clients.

Make sure that your own company or brand name is larger than the UL Mark, and that the UL Mark appearing on your packaging matches the one on your product.

UL encourages you to promote the UL certification you have earned. A UL certification Mark shows your customers your commitment to excellence. The information below will assist you in accurately promoting your UL Certification. It also discusses limitations on how you may use UL’s certification Marks.

UL Marketing Claim Verification delivers a science-based, objective credential that gives your customers peace of mind that your product delivers on its claims. You can direct your customers to the UL Verify database at to get more information about your UL Verified claim.

One of the benefits of the UL Verified Mark is that it differentiates your product from those with self-declared claims. You can use the UL Verified Mark on your product and packaging, along with your product advertising and promotions to share that you’ve taken the extra step to have your product claims Verified by UL. Click here for guidelines for promoting your UL Verified Mark.

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